4" Galvanized Steel End Band

4" Galvanized Steel End Band

The American Fence Company

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Our 4” Steel Rail End Band (also known as a brace band) is used to attach an end cap to a terminal post. Additionally, they can be used to attach barb wire to end posts and to secure truss rod tighteners.

  • Versatile 
  • Galvanized; corrosion resistant 
  • Available in black, item #10469B 
  • Works with 4” tubing 
  • Nuts and bolts not included; part #11170
  • Steel construction

How the part fits? How the part fits? 4” end bands are designed to go over 4” terminal posts.

Where is it installed? A 4” end band is installed to support the rail end at the top of the fence. The 4” end band will be placed adjacent to the rail end on the 4” terminal post.

How many do you need?   You will need (1) 4” end band per termination of fence. For every full stretch of fabric, you will need (2) end bands for your (2) terminal posts.

4" post size, .29lbs

4” end bands should be installed after you install your tensions bands. Your end band will slide over your 4” terminal post adjacent to your rail end. You will then slide your rail end in between the tangs of the end band and place a 5/16” x 1-1/4” carriage bolt through the band and rail end and tighten the nut.